The Joy of Sobriety

I don’t like dry social events, even though I’m sober. When alcohol flows like water, I’m the one in a special place.

People who’ve got alcohol under control can still have an infinitely better time – for the rest of their lives – without it.

I get social ‘hangovers’: mental tiredness and a headache after socialising all evening. I absolutely love it!
I still love waking early and feeling so alive.

My treat is pudding and coffee (with double cream in both). It’s still very special 4.5 years after quitting alcohol.

I love going out for meals and choosing my desert from the menu before the main course.

I love the way in sobriety coffee and breakfast gives me energy – the exact opposite to their effect when hungover.

I’ll always remember the sense of achievement that AA meetings gave me.

I never worry how little sleep I might be getting of a night. I can function on empty now I’m sober.

If you’re forever organising your life around alcohol, it’s amazing how liberating it feels to be free of its grip.