If I don’t have a shaking hand or need a drink in the mornings, does that mean I’m not an alcoholic?

It doesn’t really matter whether you are an alcoholic or not. What’s important is that you are asking yourself that question. It means that alcohol is challenging the control you have in your life, and almost more importantly, it means you are concerned about it.

If I’m not an alcoholic, all I need is a better way to control my drinking.

What if you never find a way to control your drinking any better than you do now, anything might happen. More importantly, how much pleasure are you denying yourself with the worry of it all.

I don’t think my drinking is out of control, but sometimes my behaviour is.

If your behaviour is out of control, then surely your drinking is. But it’s of little consequence. If you have to exercise control at all, then you are being denied pleasures you might otherwise have.

Are dry Januaries and/or sober Octobers a good idea?

Yes, but they tell you little about living your life in sobriety. Choosing to live in the USA is not the same thing as choosing a holiday in Disneyland.

I can’t imagine never having a drink again.

Try to imagine what your life would look like if you had never had a drink and never wanted one. Picture yourself. What sort of things would the non-drinking you get up to? This might be the most important day-dream you’ll ever have.