Some quick observations about the nature of desire…

You can’t entice or tempt drinkers with talk about the joys of sobriety because there’s a fundamental disconnect between the word joy and sobriety.

You have to WANT sobriety to quit. wanting to STAY AWAY from alcohol isn’t enough.

If I had a drink by mistake, it would be a one-off. If I chose to have a drink, it would be a life-sentence.

36 years of drinking was ended by a decision that took me 5 seconds to make.

For all the upheaval and change that quitting entailed, the actual moment was no more than the flick of a switch.

To a drinker, no amount of hot bubbly baths, mint tea or country walks will compensate for a life without vodka.

Imagining the sober version of you – the one who never had that first ever drink – is a great first step. Imagine the sober version of you in the thick of all those ups and downs of your life. That version of you is real – you just need to find it. Then you must want it. And like the film “Sliding Doors” you can merge your body into the alcohol-free body that you have caught up with.