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here’s what people have said about “Not alcoholic, But…”

I was recommended to read Will’s book by a friend who was worried that my drinking was becoming a problem.
At first I resisted but in the end I relented. I didn’t think I would get anything from it and was sceptical if I am honest.
How wrong could I have been!
The book is fantastic. It is on one hand light, amusing and easy to read. On the other however, Will really makes you think about your drinking and gets you to question your relationship with the booze.
It is no exaggeration to say the book has changed me. It raised more questions than answers to be fair but that is no bad thing. I feel I have a toolkit to really address the thing that I know has becoming a growing problem for many years.
If you think you drink too much, give this book a go, you will not be disappointed.

…and another review…

“The best book if you are worried about being an alcoholic”. There is a thin line between being an alcoholic & not. I think this book can help you decide which side you are on & steer you away from grabbing a drink when you really don,t need one and probably shouldn’t have one! Ching ching. Nigel.

…and another review…

Witty, informative and thought-provoking. Thoroughly recommend this even if you don’t think you have a drink problem, immensely readable but helpful at the same time.

…and another review…

I found this book to be written from the heart and to be an honest and open account of a rocky relationship with alcohol. I took a lot from it.

…and another review…

It described everything I was and that I am not alone in recognising the power alcohol can have. Great book


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