New discovery in sobriety!

Something has finally clicked after 3 years and 3 months in sobriety. I had thought for a while that my recent cause for celebration was my newfound source of income as a film extra! (ha ha, I know!) –  one that doesn’t require working long hours in an office doing a job that is soul-stripping.

In fact, as exciting as this development is, my unbridled joy is down to something much more grounded than that. It is the realisation that nothing in my life (other than the people I love) is more important to me than my recovery from alcohol. And further, that everything I now do in sobriety is far less important than this discovery, and I shouldn’t therefore let anything interfere with my appreciation of it.

Why is this so important? It is because alcohol, amongst many other things, has taken me down the wrong career-path all my life. And such a long path of wrong turns and discomfort that has been. Now that I am found, I am not going to take any more wrong paths again. And if that means staying put, then so be it.

Now I know that someone once said something about how we all choose our own back-story. And of course I am aware in the artifice of my choosing the above one. But if I have stolen this suit, it actually fits very well and I’m keeping it!


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