Scotland now a ‘nation of home drinkers’

Adults in Scotland have increased their consumption of alcohol for the second year in a row, according to a report.

Wednesday 25 May, 2016 BBC

Click here for BBC online article

In my drinking days, articles like the one above, all about the increase in home-drinking (in Scotland as it happens, but it could have been anywhere, as far as I was concerned) would give me a warm glowing comforting sensation, based around the idea that I was by no means the only one to be drinking at home, or to be increasing the amount I was drinking generally. I could even console myself with the idea that my increased consumption on my part was someone else’s fault, as the article seemed to suggest, maybe the Government, or was it the supermarkets to blame?

Only at the mention of death might I feel a spasm of angst, but the numbers of deaths were always so low as a percentage of the overall numbers of drinkers, I hardly needed to worry, and any anxiety quickly evaporated.

I am inclined to think that these kinds of articles are counter-productive in the battle to reduce excessive drinking – not that this is the purpose of them, necessarily, on the part of the press.

But they contribute to a mass of reporting about alcohol which concentrates on the levels of consumption and little else.

It would be useful, I believe, if the press were to carry more stories that challenge the assumptions that alcohol is necessarily desirable, even at low levels of consumption.

Will Piper




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