‘Not Alcoholic, But…’ is an autobiographical tale about drinking – different from the “hell-and-back” stories of blackouts, arrests, bankruptcy and homelessness, followed by fame and fortune in sobriety, because it’s about stopping drinking without crashing and burning. ‘Not Alcoholic, But…’ lays bare my love of alcohol and my growing struggle to keep control of it, including my failure to cut down when I thought I had cracked it. It describes how the rationale for quitting emerged by default not design and talks the reader through the process of quitting through free choice.

The book demonstrates to heavy drinkers that quitting is an option, and a relatively easy one too, if you are ready. And to test whether you are or not, you need to ask yourself the right questions.  As drinkers, we tend to focus on the wrong ones – like ‘am I drinking too much?’ or ‘do I have a problem?’ and ‘am I an alcoholic?’ Really we should be asking ‘Is alcohol actually doing anything for me anymore?’ and ‘Have I got bored of drinking, of being drunk, of thinking about and planning my life around drinking?’ ‘Could I find a new way to enjoy life without alcohol?’ These are simplistic questions, but if I was able to change my attitude after 36 years of devotion to alcohol just by focusing on them, then there must be many others who are ready to take the same path – with a little encouragement from me!

Not Alcoholic, But…’ is two parts memoir, one part self-help and intended to provide readers with a chance to question their desire for alcohol without assuming the need for change.



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