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All the organisations in this section (with the exception of Soberistas) have approached me for inclusion, not the other way round, and I am happy to include a link to their websites in the spirit of aiding research into treatment options. I am in no position to endorse any of them, and I therfore urge all browsers to complete a full due-diligence process before entering any financial arrangements with any of them.

Attn: for COVID related issues in seniors – please visit this site:

UK based with world-wide reach: Soberistas

A wonderful community of self-helpers on their journey to being alcohol-free and ready to share their experiences and lend support, online 24/7 (my description…not necessarily their choice of words)

US based – free 24/7 Alcohol Addiction Helpline 

Online resource dedicated to providing scientifically-backed information about alcohol use disorder

Click for the link to this really useful directory of centres spanning treatments and physical therapies for a comprehensive range mental health conditions and addictions –

Therapy for individuals couple and families – addiction treatment centres across the States

Details of a wide range of treatments – for a wide range of addictions – available in the NY area 

Long Island Interventions – for drug and alcohol treatment – either inpatient or outpatient 

A wide range of addiction treatments, across the US, is provided at

Adult children of alcoholics – qualities traits and therapies 

For college students seeking help, this is for you

Opioid dependence, which can develop from legitimate use of analgesics and anaesthetics is tackled in this guide, alerting readers to the various signs and symptoms to be aware of


New Resource for caregivers brought to you by the Hospital Association of Southern California. If you are a caregiver, this site is for you

For alcohol and other substance addiction resources in Illinois click here

Here are a couple of really interesting looking sites that give illuminating incites into the differences between social and binge drinking and also  the thorny issue of dealing with the many types of peer pressure around alcohol

If you have reached this site because a loved one has recently embraced sobriety, you may yourself be struggling with elements of their decision – for all sorts of reasons – so here  is a resource for those who would like some guidance on how to respond to the recently converted!

And, based in the Ohio region, White Light Behavioral Health has posted a blog post designed for loved ones of alcoholics which is all about building a strong support network, highlighting the resources they need

For online substance abuse counseling visit lionrock

A multi-disciplinary range of therapies is offered through a variety of different programs, individually tailored to your needs, at the Florida-based ReCreate

For anything to do with outpatient rehab, you will find Enhance Health Group’s link very useful for exploring different options for treatment

For information about addiction and rehabilitation go to addiction covering all areas of addiction, substance abuse, mental health and treatment.

If you’re suffering from anxiety, Enhance Health Group addresses all kinds of anxiety disorders, and can offer online help in a variety of ways. 

This is a site called alcoholrehabhelp giving loads of information relevant to drinkers at all stages in their recovery

Ohio based Detox and Rehab Centre – in a truly beautiful setting

For those who might consider themselves to be “Senior Citizens” (I think I am rapidly approaching this state) the following site might be a life-line

Free rehab centre versus state-funded rehab Centre? This site has the answer – an invaluable resource – including a directory.

Need to find a trusted rehab centre in California? New Method Wellness explores everything that’s out there – for mental health and substance abuse.

There is a site for anyone suffering depression with substance abuse which is brought to you by Dual Diagnosis

Am I an Alcoholic Self-Quiz

Some really useful stuff here on binge drinking – from Granite Recovery Centers

There’s a really useful quiz (and lots of great information) offered by Wave Lengths Recovery. Take the Quiz:  “Am I an Alcoholic?” Take this self-Quiz

Also some superb advice on dealing with alcohol consumption through the Covid Crisis from Green Mountain

For everything related to anxiety in all its forms this is a really great website all about how to calm anxiety 

Check out this alcohol awareness guide, from Ark Behavioral Health, giving a wide range of information and help:

The Addiction Group  is a site offering a wide range of  US services 

They offer a great resource for “How to Sober Up”

and a deep dive into the thorny issue of Parental Alcoholism

Massachusetts-based addiction treatment centre offering a wide range of therapies including highly specialized therapies such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing Therapy

Also based in Massachusetts, and offering addiction resources, including community support is: Alcohol Rehab Help

For a host of facilities relating to addiction treatment, as well as other mental health treatments, take a look at 

Support and guidence for all things related to addiction: addiction guide

for individuals and loved ones of individuals with addiction issues.

For faith based (Christian) drug & alcohol rehab programs click here

need help finding nursing home and/or assisted living facilities in your area (USA)?

loads of things to know and understand about the process of detox can be found at The Duck House

UK based “Alcohol demotivator” is a great resource  from Abbeycare

Rehab questions are all covered at this excellent site:

Want to know what an addiction interventionist is? check it out here  provides free, online information on the health effects, dangers, and treatment options regarding alcohol abuse.

You can take a self assessment for substance abuse here and unlock a store of information and help from “No Matter What Recovery”

There’s lots of interesting things to read about the effects of alcohol on sleep. But I thought I would include a link to this resource – it’s from an organisation called Mattress Clarity

And… on the subject of sleep – and insomnia – here’s some information all about insomnia from Healthmatch

Another resource for those struggling with alcohol can be found at Hotel California by the sea

The Recovery Village is packed with information on everything and anything to do with understanding alcohol addiction

For single mothers in need of financial help in the US, this link gives loads of information

Another source of information about addiction can be found at the drug rehab website

Also – at New Leaf Detox & Treatment

Attention Parents: here are details on the dangers of Fentanyl

Attention Parents: here are details on protecting children from online drug dealers

For various types of substance abuse, here are some highly specific and tailored sites to explore:


Family First Intervention

For anyone suffering from any form of substance abuse addiction. Family First Intervention operates in all 50 US states and offers a family co-dependency assessment and an alcoholics recovery resource directory.

Here is some information on DNA and addiction


This service offers information to help reduce the stigma of rehab and help people make the right decision for their health!

Clinical Trial for Seniors

clinical trials for alcohol that are geared towards more senior individuals.

AlcoholRehabGuide is an organization dedicated to providing extensive and reliable information on the various aspects of alcohol abuse and addiction.

Beautiful residential setting in the USA at Spring Hill recovery centre in Massachusetts

Recover from drug and alcohol addiction at Recovering Champions  in idyllic Cape Cod 

Click for a list of the best detox, alcohol, and drug rehab centers in Massachusets

Drug Dangers

This site is dedicated to keeping the public educated and informed of all defective medical devices and dangerous medications that are currently available on the market today. 

this is a treatment location website to help you find your nearest treatment centre in the US

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