Drinking Anomalies

My favourite alcohol Quote:

“There are better things in the world than alcohol, Albert”

Albert: “Oh, Yes, sir. But alcohol sort of compensates for not getting them”

(Terry Pratchett)

My second favourite alcohol Quote:

“If I had all the money I spent on drink… I’d spend it on drink”.

(Vivian Stanshall)

Anomaly number 1.  Until you reach rock bottom, there is always a chance you’ll get your drinking under control. That’s why I carried on.

Anomaly 2. After I quit, I felt out of place at AA meetings. I hadn’t hit rock bottom, which made me feel like I didn’t really belong in the club.

3. When drinking, I had control of my alcohol intake, but not my behaviour. That’s what I thought was my problem.

4. I know people who are slowly ruining their lives through alcohol and drugs. Fear drives them on. The fear of quitting; the fear of never being happy again.

5. A dry January has almost nothing in common with a sober life.

6. Some people are able to stick to strict limits all the time. It doesn’t mean their life isn’t ruled by alcohol.

7. I didn’t like free bars. If I came back for more drinks, too often, I felt like I wasn’t welcome. At least if you pay, you are appreciated.

8. If I see someone on the streets drinking a soft drink from a can or bottle, I always wonder if there’s alcohol in there as well.

9. I get social hangovers. Mental tiredness and a headache after socialising all evening. I love it!

10. 36 years of drinking was ended by a decision that took me 5 seconds to make.

11. For all the upheaval and change that quitting entailed, the actual moment was no more than the flick of a switch.

Drinkers’ logic:

If I’m in control of my drinking I can’t be an alcoholic

I don’t drink until the evening, so I must be in control

I don’t always drink to blackout, so I’m in control

I drink most days but I know when I’ve had enough, so I’m in control.

…And If I’m not alcoholic… then it’s just a question of keeping control.