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11 February 2024

I’ve read multiple books on alcoholism but this is the one that rings true to me the most, from my own battles with the booze, and myself. Brilliant if you’re one of the many people thinking ‘do I have a problem’. Highly recommend.

5 April 2022

Eye Opener

Definitely some solid facts and highlighted events that I can relate to I really enjoyed this read looking forward to his next book

5 July 2021

Brilliant book. I have been sober for four months and could relate so much to the author’s story.

28 July 2020

A good book with chance for you to realise that eventually alcohol loses the affect and life without booze opens up a whole world.
The author questions the term ‘alcoholic’ but he knew he was all along, and AA was a mechanism to maintain.sobriety. The truth is that he finally wanted to enjoy life and the simple things. Anyone with a drinking problem can probably relate to every chapter.

17 May 2020

This is a short book that can be read in a day. It does grip you and keep you reading. I can totally relate to what Will says. When alcohol is in your life it is your all or nothing! People think you are the life and soul of the party but it’s all a drunken facade. Take the alcohol away and it’s just plain old you.

6 May 2020

Like Will, I too drank a lot but gave up without help, by re examining my relationship with booze.
This book takes you through his journey asks you to re evaluate what you get from drinking.
It isn’t at all preachy, but candid and illuminating

4 February 2020

Very useful book helped no end in my sober journey.I know I can do this. Thankyou for the honest writing.

1 November 2019

This is a good read. The author was very open about not only alcohol but, for example, his relationship with his mother which I found impressive. Clearly he strongly wishes through this book to help those who believe they may have issues with their drinking habits.

9 October 2019

Well written, I admire the honesty of this personal account. It really has helped me examine my own uncomfortable and tricky relationship with alcohol. May even get a handle on it!!

29 September 2019

I have read this beautifully written book in one sitting as I start get another and hopefully this time my last day one. I could totally relate to Will’s experiences with drinking from teenage years through to middle age. I am 2 years away from my 50th and function well with a professional career and the daily bottle of wine and more at weekends is doing nothing for me and I recognise hasn’t done for many years. I will practice the tips in the final chapters to see if these will make a difference to my mindset this time and update further. Thank you Will

12 July 2019

Absolutely brilliant book. I have read a ton of quit – lit but this is the first one that actually made me question my own relationship with alcohol in a really personal way. I wasn’t just reading Will’s story…… I was reading my own story. Not because it was similar, just because it sparked something in me and I was visioning myself in his shoes… How I’d cope or feel in each scenario. I loved this and will be recommending this when people ask me how and why I went AF!

19 July 2019

I couldn’t put this down. No preaching, no “magic cures”, just an account of an individual’s relationship with alcohol. Very thought provoking, very helpful, and in my opinion is the best book of the numerous I have read so far about managing alcohol.

15 September 2018

I thought this book was great because it made you examine why you drink and what value you are getting out of alcohol. I imagine it took courage to write and publish such an honest account of his relationship with alcohol. So thank you for going to the trouble Will!

12 Feb 2017

“The best book if you are worried about being an alcoholic”. There is a thin line between being an alcoholic & not. I think this book can help you decide which side you are on & steer you away from grabbing a drink when you really don,t need one and probably shouldn’t have one! Ching ching. Nigel.

3 May 2017

I was recommended to read Will’s book by a friend who was worried that my drinking was becoming a problem.
At first I resisted but in the end I relented. I didn’t think I would get anything from it and was sceptical if I am honest.
How wrong could I have been!
The book is fantastic. It is on one hand light, amusing and easy to read. On the other however, Will really makes you think about your drinking and gets you to question your relationship with the booze.
It is no exaggeration to say the book has changed me. It raised more questions than answers to be fair but that is no bad thing. I feel I have a toolkit to really address the thing that I know has becoming a growing problem for many years.
If you think you drink too much, give this book a go, you will not be disappointed.

12 September 2017

I found this book to be written from the heart and to be an honest and open account of a rocky relationship with alcohol. I took a lot from it.

9 July 2017

It described everything I was and that I am not alone in recognising the power alcohol can have. Great book

16 December 2016

Witty, informative and thought-provoking. Thoroughly recommend this even if you don’t think you have a drink problem, immensely readable but helpful at the same time.

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  1. My husband had a habit, he was drinking everyday a glass of wine, form time to time more, but I never saw him too drunk. I believed that drinking less, but more often is much better in every way. I didn’t realized that he had the problem with alcohol and now I had also. As I wrote, he never was too drunk, he never drank in inapropriate time, never went to work drunk, never drive a car drunk. But we were drinking every day in the evening. I started to notice the problem, when our traditional hour of drinking was postponed by something, he was at first irritated by anything, then just angry till he got his glass of wine. When I was trying to say that something is wrong, he was in denial. I read a book by Ellen Petersen (net-boss.org/how-to-help-an-alcoholic-you-love), which helped me to find a way to speak with my husband. Now we both are on recovery, both supporting each other, changing our lives, and our love is bigger than ever!

    • Thank you Caitlin for recommending a guide by Ellen Petersen and sharing the link. I was completely devastated by the situation with my husband, but after reading this book I knew what to do and so far we have been successful. Keep your fingers crossed that it stays that way. Thank you again for recommending the guide